The Education Center

In 2006, in response to an overwhelming demand from English speaking students worldwide, Bnei Baruch applied its extensive experience in both distance learning and Internet TV to create the Bnei Baruch Learning Center. In its first year of operation, the Learning Center provided a comprehensive introduction to the wisdom of Kabbalah to approximately 3,000 students. Since then, over 30,000 students have taken advantage of Learning Center offerings.

State-of-the-art broadcast centers using Flash technology are located in Tel Aviv, New York City, Toronto, St. Louis and San Francisco. During each broadcast, the instructors you see on camera are supported by a large team of dedicated volunteers: camera operators, sound mixers, translators (many of the lessons are simultaneously translated into Spanish), technical moderators, Q&A moderators, production control, and various other roles.

Learning Center volunteers are busy between broadcasts as well. Bnei Baruch instructors and advanced students are available on the Q&A Forum to answer your questions about Kabbalah and the material you are studying. Technical teams work hard to maintain the website and broadcast facilities, as well as help students with problems accessing or using Bnei Baruch’s websites. The work on curriculum and program development never stops, as staff continually strive to improve the Learning Center offerings for you. Still more volunteers work in administration to meet the ongoing needs of such a large and complex organization.

All of these services are provided for you at no charge, made possible by the volunteers who contribute their time, talents and financial support to this effort. Each volunteer is fully committed to helping Bnei Baruch fulfill its purpose: making the wisdom of Kabbalah accessible to all.

Course Instructors

The Learning Center’s instructors are advanced students of Dr. Michael Laitman, who is continuing the teaching tradition that began with Abraham thousands of years ago. The study program is based on sources from the greatest Kabbalists of all times: the Zohar, the works by the Ari, and the writings of Baal HaSulam. The instructors will be your guides, helping you understand the concepts and language that you need to progress in your personal journey.

Dr. Laitman also takes a personal interest in the Learning Center, and will be a frequent guest in the course. Through this process, you will develop the foundation needed to study directly with Dr. Laitman in his daily classes, and to connect to your most important instructor: as it is written, “A man’s soul shall teach him.” (Shamati 88, Baal HaSulam)

Fundamentals of Kabbalah

The Fundamentals of Kabbalah course uses a unique, dual approach to teaching that activates both the mind and the heart. The Articles lessons lead you on a very personal journey of discovery as you examine your response to the writings of the greatest Kabbalists of our time. In contrast, the lessons on the Structure of Creation provide us with a blueprint of spirituality, showing us what every Kabbalist has encountered upon entering the world we call “spirituality.”

Article Lessons

* What is Kabbalah
* Purpose of the Soul
* The Reason for Suffering
* Foundation of Spirituality
* Creature and Creator
* To Whose Benefit Do I Act?
* Free Will
* Faith Above Reason
* Revelation and Concealment
* The Process of Kabbalah
* Love Your Friend As Yourself

Lessons on the Structure of Creation

* The Four Phases of Creation
* The Vessel and the Partzuf
* The World of Restriction
* The World of Adam Kadmon
* Partzuf Nekudot de SAG
* The World of Nekudim
* The Breaking of the Vessels
* The World of Atzilut

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